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It has been a while already but here is the update about the trip to Belgium.



















Gent is a very beatifull city and i am very sure i will visit it again somwhere during the summer of 2015 :)


















After walking around and when we got cold we ate something and decided to go to a big Supermarket just outside Gent from who i know that they also sell all sorts of model cars :)))

Indeed they had a wide variety and it was very hard to make a limited choice, else i would have bought eveything :P

My final choice of what to take home in the end below:



















I am very happy with it and when finally home i took it out of the blister and it is happy in between al of its friends :)



A shoppingtrip to Rotterdam, sure! i am in! :) Ofcourse i know there are toystores and other shops that sell modelcars :) So why not? Haven;t been there in a long long time. In the part of Rotterdam where we usually go there are 2 main toystores, one average sized and one XL one, name is also Toys XL :)

The first one did not have much interesting for me, the second one really made my day comletely! :O

I never expected to find anything like this:

And when i was searching further through the pegs in the shop i found a second one of these! I could not believe it, except at that moment i did not really know what it was yet... Now i know and i am extremely happy that i did went to Rotredam for the shoppingtrip..   


In the beginning of October i was on a short trip to Bangkok, had a great time overthere, wished i had more time to spend but coudl not stay longer then the time i had. Anyway i did manage to find some cars ofcourse,  the hunt never stops :) Underneath you can see the result. Hot Wheels that are hard to comeby here in NL and Tomica's which are also not available in NL :( So i was very happy to find all these :D In the Albumsection you can find more pictures about my trip to Bangkok.



Welcome and thank you for visiting my hobbywebsite,


The website is under construction at the moment, I will be putting up most of and about my hobby on this page soon.

My hobby is collecting model cars and mainly I collect in the scale of 1:64. Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Majorette, Corgis etc..

Recently I started to begin with customizing. I was inspired by several people on Instagram who create the most amazing customs.

I am just a beginner but really wane learn all about it, I will post these projects here as well.